Climate and Features of the Region

Puttlam is situated in the dry zone area of Sri Lanka and receives substantially less rainfall than other areas. There are many “tanks” (manmade lakes) in the area which were constructed during the first ancient civilisation of Anuradhapura to store the monsoon rains. These tanks support an abundance of wildlife.


Situated in the dry zone guaranteeing sunshine throughout the year, this working coconut estate boasts 50 acres of land and this completely secluded colonial bungalow with her own beautiful large swimming pool.

To add flavour to your stay your own Chef will prepare meals to order.

Traditional wattle and daub thatched roofed huts are dotted around the property, housing the BBQ, the outdoor shower and reading huts


The two suites feature large four poster beds, air conditioning, own dressing rooms and en-suite shower rooms. There are Tea/Coffee making facilities, a badminton court and hammock to highlight a few of the many amenities of this property.